Semifinishing wheels

Semifinishing wheels are used for high-precision rectification of steel bars and tubes. The technical properties of the bond combined with an optimal grit size of the abrasive grains enable self-dressing capabilities and offer great results for different steel types. These products cover the first rectification steps starting with rough grinding up to intermediate steps in preparation for the final finishing or superfinishing.

Technical details

  • Bond type: synthetic resin
  • Abrasive type: aluminium oxide
  • Grit size [FEPA]: 46-220
  • Hardness: Q-Hard
  • Peripheral speed (m/s): 35

Dimensions (mm)*

  • External diameter D: 100-660
  • Thickness H: 10-355
  • Bore d: 127-406,4
*Other sizes are available on request


  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Piston rods, gudgeon pins
  • Electrical motor axels
  • Drilling bars
  • Bearings
  • Pneumatic pistons
  • Chromed bars and tubes

Wheels are available for a wide range of centerless grinding machines, including:

  • Napomar
  • Cincinnati
  • Mikrosa
  • Tos
  • Jotes
  • Nomoco
  • Landis
  • Bryant
  • Norton

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