Finishing and superfinishing wheels

Finishing and superfinishing wheels are abrasive wheels used for special applications of the centerless grinding process. A correct combination of bond type and abrasive grit size helps to obtain a superfinished surface with a very low roughness at the end of the grinding operation. Obtainable surface roughness: Ra = 0,06-0,1 µm.

Technical details

  • Bond type: synthetic resin
  • Abrasive type: aluminium oxide
  • Grit size [FEPA]: 240-800
  • Hardness: Q-Hard
  • Peripheral speed (m/s): 35

Dimensions (mm)*

  • External diameter D: 100-660
  • Thickness H: 10-355
  • Bore d: 127-406,4
*Other sizes are available on request


  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Piston rods, gudgeon pins
  • Electrical motor axels
  • Drilling bars
  • Bearings
  • Pneumatic pistons
  • Chromed bars and tubes


Wheels are available for a wide range of centerless grinding machines, including:

  • Napomar
  • Cincinnati
  • Mikrosa
  • Tos
  • Jotes
  • Nomoco
  • Landis
  • Bryant
  • Norton

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