About Us

Established in 2003, MIDAROM ABRASIVES is a Romanian company specialized in manufacturing professional new generation abrasive products. Since the foundation of the company, MIDAROM ABRASIVES has constantly developed new products, innovated and adapted to new technologies and is currently the leader of the bonded abrasives field in Romania. Thus, the company is able to offer innovative solutions for grinding and finishing applications while adapting to individual customer’s specifications.


The most important factor in our activity is the relationship with our customers. By working in conjunction with our partners from the steel industry and other related sectors, we can provide the most efficient solution for their specific grinding and finishing application. Our main goal is to offer innovative abrasive products, adapted to the needs of each customer, which can enable them to improve the quality, efficiency and performance of their existing processes.


A key advantage of MIDAROM ABRASIVES is the clear organizational hierarchy of the company which ensures a fast and efficient execution of all inquiries coming from our customers. As a result of our flexible manufacturing process, we are able to provide grinding solutions in record time for the most urgent needs of our customers, in order to avoid delays in the manufacturing process.

chromed bars

The longstanding relationship with our partners from Romania, Italy, Turkey, India or Russia is proof of our business concept based on respect, innovation, quality and reliability. Nevertheless, in order to ensure the quality of our abrasive products, we have implemented and certified an integrated quality management system according to SR EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.


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